Exceptional Stay at Radisson New Providence Wharf: Discover New Levels of Luxury

Discover New Levels of Luxury at Radisson New Providence Wharf

Immerse yourself in the epitome of elegance at Radisson New Providence Wharf, London’s shining jewel of hospitality. Positioned within the bustling business district, this hotel is a sanctuary of comfort, offering a plethora of refined amenities and personalized services to ensure an unmatched stay experience.

Exquisite Rooms Catering to Every Preference

Boasting an array of tastefully appointed rooms and suites, each space within Radisson New Providence Wharf exudes tranquility and class. Surrender to the allure of plush comforts, top-tier facilities, and the mesmerizing vistas of the River Thames, enhancing your stay with a sense of dignified luxury.

Diverse Accommodations Tailored for All Travelers

With accommodations suited for varying tastes, guests can select from cozy standard rooms, business-class retreats replete with efficient workspaces, to the palatial suites featuring lavish bathrooms and living areas, each reflecting the hallmark of Radisson excellence.

Gastronomic Delights at On-Site Dining Venues

Culinary adventures await at the hotel’s eateries, where atmospheric dining settings converge with scrumptious dishes to satisfy sophisticated palates.

East River Restaurant: A Flavorful Journey

The East River Restaurant invites diners to savor British gastronomy infused with global zest, all prepared from locally-sourced ingredients symbolizing freshness and quality.

Casual Chic at The Atrium Bar

The Atrium Bar, with its laid-back vibe, is the ideal escape for enjoying artisan cocktails or indulging in a fine selection of wines, perfect for social gatherings or relaxed evenings.

Rejuvenate at the Pace Health Club

The Pace Health Club & Spa at Radisson New Providence Wharf is an oasis of wellness, offering invigorating exercise options, a pristine indoor pool, and a divine spa that promises complete renewal for guests.

Exceptional Stay at Radisson New Providence Wharf

Spa Services Crafted for Ultimate Tranquility

Expert therapists at the spa deliver a menu of treatments that not only pamper but provide an oasis of calm, designed to revitalize both mind and spirit.

Flawless Events with a Touch of Grandeur

Whether it’s a sophisticated business conference or a lavish celebration, Radisson New Providence Wharf presents versatile event spaces completed by contemporary technology and impeccable catering to create moments that resonate with significance and charm.

Versatile Spaces for Bespoke Gatherings

Set the stage for memorable events with the hotel’s adaptable venues, personally styled to meet the nuances of your special occasion, backed by outstanding culinary service.

Seamless Connectivity in a Prime Location

The advantageous location of the hotel connects guests to London’s heartbeat through comprehensive transit networks, providing effortless access to iconic attractions like the O2 Arena and historic Greenwich.

Hassle-Free Shuttle Services

Enjoy the convenience of shuttle services to Canary Wharf, linking you directly to the city’s vibrant shopping and entertainment districts.

Superlative Service that Exceeds Expectations

The esteemed concierge team at Radisson New Providence Wharf is dedicated to exceeding guest expectations, offering tailored assistance to ensure every aspect of your visit is nothing less than perfect.

Meticulous Attention to Guest Satisfaction

Encounter genuine care in every staff interaction, reflecting an unwavering commitment to making your stay memorable and truly exceptional.

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Exclusive Offers Tailored for the Discerning Traveler

The hotel delights guests with an array of bespoke offers and packages, ranging from seasonal promotions to themed stays, adding value and depth to the quintessential Radisson experience.

Custom-Tailored Experiences for Your Enjoyment

Explore the unique packages available, crafted to align with diverse interests, from cultural ventures to sumptuous culinary tours, ensuring a stay that resonates with your personal style.

Embracing Sustainability for Tomorrow

Embodying a forward-thinking approach to hospitality, Radisson New Providence Wharf integrates sustainable practices into its operations, demonstrating a commitment to ecological responsibility alongside its luxurious offerings.

Conscientious Amenities and Services

Emphasizing green initiatives, the hotel adopts eco-friendly amenities, local sourcing, and ethical procurement to balance indulgence with sustainability.

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