Optimize Your Adventure with REI Vacations: Uncover a Whole New World of Exciting Destinations and Outdoor Pursuits

REI Vacations: Redefining Adventure Travel

When it comes to planning an unforgettable adventure vacation, few operators can rival REI Vacations. With an extensive catalog of outdoor pursuits, REI offers everything from hiking in the Grand Canyon to paddling the tranquil waters of the Pacific Northwest. With REI, it’s about more than a getaway. It’s about lifetime experiences that tickle your adventure bone and offer a retreat from the mundane.

Embracing the Wild with REI

REI’s Outdoor Adventure Catalog is an extensive curation of carefully selected trips designed around what the great outdoors has to offer. With expert-guided tours and self-guided vacations, REI provides you with plenty of opportunities to hike, bike, paddle, climb, and ski across the world’s breathtaking landscapes.

Cycling Adventures with REI: Pedal with Passion

Join the ranks of avid adventurers who have turned to REI’s bike tours. Cycle through the infinitely romantic landscapes of Tuscany, or conquer the rugged terrains of the American West. Outfitted with top-quality gear and guided by specialists, your cycling expedition with REI becomes an experience unlike any other.

REI Hiking Trips: Step into the Great Outdoors

Strap on your boots, and embark on an REI hiking tour that takes you deep into the heart of nature. Be it through the serene valleys of New Zealand or up the rocky trails of the Rocky Mountains, each step with REI unravels a new chapter of awe-inspiring panoramas.

Paddle Pursuits with REI: Float on a Wave of Adventure

Canoeing down a placid lake or navigating a rapid white-water rafting course, REI’s paddling trips offer water lovers the ideal wilderness escape. Expert guides lead the way, ensuring you feel the joy of paddling and the thrill of exploration.

Captivating Destinations with REI Vacations

Experience the world like never before with REI’s global tours. Journey through the vibrant cultures of Asia, explore Europe’s rich history, bask in the sun-kissed beaches of the Pacific, or traverse the American landscapes. REI brings the world to your doorstep, packing pure adventure in every trip.

REI’s North American Vacations

From the sun-soaked coasts of California to the snow-capped mountains of Alaska, North America has an abundance of adventure, and REI’s North American tours showcase it all. With handpicked locations and activities, every REI getaway becomes a gateway to awe-inspiring experiences across the continent.

Sustainability and Community with REI

REI’s commitment extends beyond seamless vacations. The company holds dear sustainability practices and engaging local communities in a meaningful way. For every trip booked, a portion of the proceeds goes toward conservation efforts, subtly ensuring that future generations enjoy the beauty of nature just as we do.

Your Adventure, REI’s Expertise

When you book a vacation with REI, you’re not just selecting a trip. You’re choosing an operator that stands strong on experience, knowledge, and best-in-class service. Every staff, guide, and trip planner works diligently to make your adventure an unforgettable journey, soaking each moment in the richness of the experience.

With REI Vacations, the adventure isn’t just in the destination. It’s in the journey, the camaraderie, and the exhilarating moments that make every outdoor endeavor a vivid memory to cherish for years. Come embark on an adventure with REI and set your spirit of discovery free.

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