Top 5 Fascinating Car Museums in Berlin You Must Visit


The thriving metropolis of Berlin, Germany’s capital, is renowned globally for its dynamic culture, rich historical background, and an array of tourist hotspots. Among these hotspots, Car Museums in Berlin, hold a special appeal for automobile aficionados. These museums display an impressive array of vintage, classic, and contemporary vehicles. This article offers an in-depth exploration of Berlin’s top 5 car museums.

Section 1: The Inviting Classic Remise Berlin

The Classic Remise Berlin, a must-see for every auto enthusiast, is more than just a museum – it’s a comprehensive car experience. Established in 2003, the museum resides within a historic tram depot and boasts a wide array of vintage and classic cars.

Car Museums in Berlin

Section 2: Engrossing Deutsches Technikmuseum

The Deutsches Technikmuseum, or the German Museum of Technology, is another intriguing place to visit. Though it does not focus solely on cars, its transport exhibition unveils a magnificent collection of historical vehicles, including cars, trains, and planes.

Section 3: Exciting Automobilforum Unter den Linden

The Automobilforum Unter den Linden is an automobile exhibition situated in the heart of Berlin. Though not a conventional museum, this venue has been the stage for numerous exhibitions featuring iconic cars from marques like Volkswagen and Audi.

Section 4: Stiftung Automuseum Volkswagen – A Journey through History

A short distance from Berlin in Wolfsburg is the Stiftung Automuseum Volkswagen. This museum is a haven for Volkswagen enthusiasts, providing an exhaustive look at the history of this iconic brand.

Section 5: Unconventional DDR Motorrad-Museum

The DDR Motorrad-Museum provides a unique insight into East German automotive history. It houses an extensive collection of motorcycles manufactured in the former German Democratic Republic.

Section 6: Essential Tips for Visiting Car Museums in Berlin

An exhilarating experience awaits you when visiting top best things to see in Berlin. However, to make the most of it, planning is crucial. Ensure to check the operating hours and entrance fees of the museums you wish to visit. Keep in mind that many museums offer guided tours, which can offer valuable insights into the exhibits.


The car museums in Berlin take you on a unique trip through the annals of automotive history. From vintage classics to modern wonders, these museums are sure to enthrall both automobile enthusiasts and history lovers. So, whether you are a local or a tourist discovering the city, these car museums should definitely be on your Berlin bucket list.

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